Hi!  Welcome to “Memory in the Midwest”!

Inspired by some of the great blogs being written about how the Civil War is remembered (like Kevin Levin’s Civil War Memory and Brooks Simpson’s Crossroads, I decided to venture into blogging about public history.  Because of my geographic location and historical interests, I will focus on the American Midwest, although there is also bound to be quite a bit about Kentucky on here.

While I do have an academic background in history, and an emphasis on public history, this blog will also consider my personal recollections on visits to various sties and museums.  While I will write about a variety of sites, I do have a deep interest in how Indians, slavery, and the Civil War are remembered.  I can’t promise the stellar academic work that’s out on other blogs, but I hope I offer a unique perspective on how the past is remembered in my part of the country.  I hope you enjoy reading!


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